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Superflux Adapters set (1 set = 2 adapters for one motor)

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Upgrade your existing Superflux with the new adapters! 

Note: If you have pre-ordered your Superflux, it will ship with the new upgraded adapters. 

$55 price is for two adapters (one set).

Compatible with the new Superflux MkII and older versions of the original Superflux, these adapters are extra cool (technically and literally) as they have added cooling fins. In addition the design has been completely revamped to get rid of the small retainer plate at the bottom. These blocks are now just single piece blocks with built in cable retainers, no need for additional plates and screws to hold cables!

This is a pre-order. The Adapters will ship on 15 Nov.


Customer Reviews

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Shiny and smooth

This adapter (singular!) fits the extra beefy motor cable much better than the old ones!