Introducing the Funwheel ST

The Funwheel ST is the brainchild of 1000s of people from the DIY Funwheel community.

What's the SuperFlux?

The most powerful 6" Hub Motor in the world. Built from the ground-up, we literally re-invented the wheel, inventing the 11590 stator, and first-ever Statorade Cooling tech direct from factory. Superflux is now the Gold-standard in Hub motors, and proudly a source of inspiration for other companies to develop and match our tech!

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Customize your Funwhel

We not only support the right-to-repair, but the right to build whatever you want, choosing parts per your preference and style.

SuperFlux Hub motor with The Floatlife Enduro? Why not. Thunder Rails with Craft&Ride Bumpers? Heck yea!

Go ahead and try our Funwheel Builder - pick the parts you like, and get riding!

Let's Build My Funwheel