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SuperFlux Hub Motor

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SuperFlux MKII HT (High Torque) Version is shipping now. 

Superflux MKII HS (High Speed) is in production.
Completion of motors is expected to be on 29 Feb 2024 (Add another 15-25 days for shipping to US and EU warehouses).


The SuperFlux MkII (HT and HS versions)

What makes Superflux the best Funwheel aka single-wheeled-balance-board motor in the world?

SKF Bearings (for real this time):

For almost a year, we battled with vendors providing us FAKE SKF bearings which we refused to put in out original Superflux. Now, we are finally able to provide the Best motor in the world with the best bearings in the world. Our bearings are 100% genuine and verifiable through the SKF app on your phone!

These bearings cost >$200 a set in most countries, and we will be including it on the Superflux with almost no cost increase to the overall motor.

The Thunder Tire!

Yes, the new Thunder 11.5 inch tire is what all motors will ship with the new thunder tire, which will be a medium-soft compound to tackle both streets and trails. Best of both worlds!

Plug-in single connector: 

We now have a single plug-in locking proprietary connector with 4mm bullet connectors and a 6 pin hall connector; the only one of its kind in existence. This connector will make the Superflux more accessible to a wider crowd, and easier to build Funwheels,  do swaps and tire changes!

Improved axle block:

We got rid of the original FM style axle block and improved the thermals and the looks of it.



Superflux now comes in two performance versions: High Torque and High Speed.

The HS version is the same kv as the original Superflux MKI, which means it is geared towards people looking to make a racing board, but will also provide VERY high torque compared to other motors in the market. 

The HT version is geared towards folks wanting a torquier, more responsive, more punchy motor, greater acceleration from standstill and more efficient in hill climbs and tough situations. The HT version can also be made faster than a OW GT, if you have a good 18S P45 battery or a 20S P28A battery, simply by setting Field weakening to 30A or 40A (please do not exceed and use with caution). So the HT version is the recommended version for most folks and what I personally like to run.





The original SuperFlux defied all odds and exceeded all expectations. The Superflux Mk 2 is here to, believe it or nor, be better than its predecessor.

Here's The original superflux in action: 




>2000W (honestly, folks push it to 4000+W).


60-125V (12S to 30S Battery pack)


HS Version: 

Top speed ~ 40 mph or 65 km/h! (can achieve freespin of more than 100km/h with field weakening).

HT Version: 

Top speed ~ 20+ mph or 60+ km/h! (can achieve freespin of more than 100km/h with field weakening).



HS version

50Nm+ (more than you will ever need).

HT version 

80Nm+ (Insane torque).


The SF wheel is made to give you the greatest torque and top speed that is possible from a 6 inch wheel.

These are real world numbers and not exaggerated confusing HP numbers.


115mmx90mm stator (biggest ever).



Remie and I have designed the SuperFlux motor to be compatible with the original Funwheel Kit, the new Thunderbolt kit, and the FM XR rails and frame to convert your old XR to a SuperFluXR!

Just take your old hub out of the XR and drop the new one in.

Adapters and bolts ship with the hub.


Important Notes:

All preorder payments are protected by our store policy. Safe to say the community has trusted us for over 3 years with ZERO missed orders or disputes (ask the folks on Discord if you don't wanna take our word).

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
No customer service

Ordered in November, never received product. Company doesn't respond to either of there emails. I was forced to try discord but it's no help. I wish it wasn't true but this feels like a scam.

Absolutely Terrible experience

My experiences with Fungineers has been absolutely terrible. They have the worst customer service and routinely lie about shipping items. Communication is very inaccurate and poorly administered. All updates about orders are only made available on a private invite only. sever not accessed by the public.
Absolutely will not be doing business again.

Markus Nelson
This engine is the SHIT.

I have ridden them all and it still blows my mind how little spotlight the SuperFlux or Fungineers for that matter get in this niche'. Amazing performance It climbs and sends it through all conditions. It has never overheated - Seems to ask more from the controller so make sure you heat-sink your controller well. I have heard the Thor -300 works great with it. I can't wait to try it out. Thanx guys you are unsung Heros. I love this board so fucking much!

Thomas Bjerregaard
Great motor, service is lacking

The best onewheel motor available!

The communication takes ages by email, and I'm not a fan of discord

Lower quality bearings (c&u) then advertised, non standard valve size, bad packaging (but mine was ok on arrival) 1gen axelblocks was not great and needed modifications to be usable

But this motor preforms like nothing else, well, the CanonCore is preforming as well if you give it the same amps, but the non XR compability kills it for me

Hire someone to answer emails will you! You have a killer product, and just tell the truth about supplier issues (bearings) and give a little discount when delivering a lesser product then advertised

Simon Wilson

As with another reviewer, my Superflux arrived damaged (dented as cracked) due to poor packaging in the first batch. Despite the original statements about replacing damaged hubs and several months of comms with them directly, I never received any real solution. In all my dealings with OW vendors (Craft & Ride, The Float Life, Street Shred, Z Battery Solutions, Floatwheel, Fungineers), Fungineers has had the worst after sales support of the lot.

Other than the issues specific to the early batch, the motor is powerful and smooth.

Hey Simon, this is Mo. Sorry to hear that man. Why don't you ping me on Discord or email me your order number and we will upgrade you to the new Superflux MKII.