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Funwheel Controller Box Complete

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Shipping and ordering Update:

First Batch: 20/100 Red and Black Complete boxes are shipping before 20th Feb. 80/100 will ship on 10 March.

New Batch: Purple and Orange can now be resereved/ pre-ordered with a deposit. Shipping will be on 30 March. Cancellable and refundable any time.

Cast complete boxes: Our Mold will be completed on 10 March and we will do a factory tour video to show you the mold and new cast boxes. Shipping will be around 30 March if there are no production delays. Pre-orders open now to reserve your spot.



After a decade of experimenting, myself and Lia worked tirelessly for almost a year to bring to the community a controller box that finally ticks all the boxes. 


- A Beautiful and sleek CNCed Aluminum box, anodized to perfection. 

- Built-in State-of-the-art VESC with native LED support, beeper, and onboard VESC Express.

- Exceptional cooling due to the anodized aluminum and an IMS (Aluminum base) controller (VESC based ESC).

- Includes front LED and Status LED in the box. 

- Strong Polycarbonate see-through lid. 

- Built-in Motor connector for Superflux, M20 Gland for battery pack, switchport, and GX-16 2-pin Charge port, along with a Switchcraft equivalent Footpad port that is plug-in complatible with out new footpad and footpad connector, and  can also be replaced with any other XR style footpad plug).

- Fits any XR-style frame and rails for the original riding experience. 

- Space in the front for a 2S2P split pack. 

This is a full plug-and-play box with the VESC tested and setup (may require motor calibration via VESC tool). The user has to only open the Lid and connect their preferred battery. Fungineers charger is preferred but other GX-16 style chargers will fit in the charger port.



Shipping will be paid upon delivery. Estimated 15-20 USD.


Customer Reviews

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Yeah I bough 2

This was a super easy install worked great. Aces.....

3 months??

Looks great!! Will ship in 3 months... What about the box alone?