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Funwheel Battery Pack Complete

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 Stock Update: 

Batch 2 of Battery Packs is ready and shipping. 
New orders will ship within 7 days of ordering.



Introducing the first and only complete power solution:

- A complete 84V 20S2P 5.6Ah, 403Wh Grade A Molicel P28A Battery pack (UN 38.3 certified).

- Fungineers smart Bluetooth BMS

- An Injection molded box strong plastic Box.

- WS2815 LED Light strip at the back. 

- Completely waterproof (The box is splash proof, must not be submerged in water). 

- A complete wire harness with an M20 Gland that will have:

    - 1x XT60 for connecting to VESC

     - 1x XT30 for connecting to charger

     - 2 x 4 pin JST GH for connecting to VESC light plug, and an additional extra for CAN related connections if the user prefers.



Compatible with most VESC boxes (just plug the M20 gland to any VESC box and connect XT60 to the VESC).

Fits any XR style frame and rails (Including Thunder and X10 rails).



Shipping will be charged during collection. Estimated $30 - $50

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Shawn Vanscooter
Big quality, ease of use

Other than the long wait? High quality, great price

Ivan Doll
Complete battery pack

Finally got my pack and the box, battery and bms is great quality. Everything works as intended and i would give it 5 starts if it wasn't for the long wait time but they seem to have that figured out now that the fist batch is done.