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Funwheel BMS

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What is the Fungineers Funwheel BMS:

The perfect BMS doesn't exis...well, we made the perfect BMS. After the community complained about the extortionate prices of smart BMSes, and the unavailability and uncertain nature of dumb BMSes, we took it as a sign from God himself, that we ought to solve this problem, so, without further ado, and more than a year in development and testing, we partnered with one of the leading battery and BMS makers, and produced a professional industry grade BMS, because there is no compromise when it comes to battery safety. 

The BMS comes with a Bluetooth module with a dedicated app to monitor individual cell voltages (Android and iPhone).

The BMS has no on/off switch and no connection to the VESC or any switch. It turns on automatically once a charger is connected, and remains on for monitoring and balancing for upto 10 hours after the charger is disconnected. 

The connectors are: 

XT30 connectors coming from the charge port, and going to the battery.

JST ph2.0mm 10 pin and 11 pin connectors for the balance wires (male connectors with long wires for soldering to the battery will be provided for battery builders)

If you do not wish to build the battery yourself, please ask your favorite battery builders to contact us and use the BMS in your battery builds (chances are they already are using them).

More details and working demonstration here: 




Even though the BMS is compatible with 12S to 20S configurations, we recommend it is easiest to use it on a 20S battery. other configurations need careful wiring on your battery balance wires, so unless you are a professional battery builder, we would not recommend.




Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Eduardo Queralto
To big for use in any battery enclosure but there own

I got one of these Bluetooth double decker behemoth BMS early on when no one had tested the app (apparently it not great) or really knew how big they were….
they claimed in the copy to describe it “fits most battery enclosures” it doesn’t. It large and can not be used in anything other than there own pre built battery box. Unless replacing a broken one from having had one of there pre built battery boxes I would look at an alternative option. Mines been sat in the box collecting dust for 8 months as a $180 painful lesson… in not being a Beata tester, wait until there’s a few in the wild and reviewed until you spend your money…

Stopped charging after 5 charges in my funwheel battery pack, no signs of being fried.

I had to take apart my funwheel pack myself and have a replacement sent to me. After 5 charges, it wouldn't charge anymore with no signs of being fried or broken. We'll see how many charges the new one lasts. Not much faith in this BMS considering I waited so long for my pack, and I already have issues with it because of the BMS. And to top it off, it quit charging right before Shredfest! I have no idea why they couldn't slim this BMS down on top of it, it's the largest BMS you can put in a "funwheel" honestly.

Nash Dietz
Large and Expensive

This bms is too large for most custom builds. If youre not looking to replace your fungineers bms with their already built battery look elsewhere. The app is slow, clunky, and unreliable. SOC readout is always off and you cant configure anything. There are better options out there and I implore you to explore a better option.