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Fast Charger - 20S/ 84V 5A

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This is a 20S (84V) 5A charger that comes with a GX-16 Charge port, compatible with the Fungineers Elec kit/ Wire harness. 

Pin 1 is Positive and Pin 2 is Negative. 

Recommended to be used with Fungineers BMS on a 20S battery.

Please do not use on XR batteries/ GT batteries/ Non-20S batteries. 

Please don't use with older batteries that cannot handle 5A charging. Recommended for Molicel P28A, *, and P45 type Battery packs (in 2P configuration). 

Charger comes with a standard 3 pin American plug (please see pictures).

Our chargers are tested and certified. However, as with all products, use at your own risk. Please ask a question on Discord before purchasing if you are unsure. 

Customer Reviews

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shawn vanscooter
Just received

I don’t have the battery pack as of yet, so I can’t test it. BUT…..

Build seems solid, but heavy.
As advertised it does have a fan for cooling.

NOW to wait. I have the complete controller box and battery box coming.