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Thunder Rails ⚡

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Hot Pink and Arctic White Rails are shipping on 15 Dec. 

Red, Green and Cyber Gray (raw) rails are in stock and ship immediately.


The Hotrod Red Thunder Rails:

Red Rails

The Rich Green Thunder Rails

Green Rails


 What's the Thunder Rails?

One (Ok, two) Rails to rule them all.

The Thunder rails are the last word in rails for DIY Funwheel enthusiasts, and for Onewheel XR owners alike.

CNCed from pure 7075 Aircraft grade Aluminum, these rails have outstanding strength: the best in the market!

W-shaped to improve posture and comfort while riding and doing tricks. 

Limited Edition super-hot colors for a unique and personal experience.



The Thunder kit is designed to include all Funwheel builders. Even those with XRs. 

Here are some combinations you can use to build your unique Funwheel:


If you already have an XR:

Option 1. Simply pop in these rails to replace your original boring rails and give your XR a new look and feel!

Option 2. Vesc-it! Open up the original XR box and replace it with a VESC. Use the same stock battery or a modified battery and bolt on Thunder rails for a VESCXR!

Option 3. The SuperFluXR: You can empty the original XR boxes, put a VESC in the front and a bigger battery in the back + the SuperFlux motor + Thunder rails to put your XR into Ludacris super speed mode!

Building a Funwheel from Scratch:

This is the final-super-boss level of a DIY Funwheel. 

Thunder Rails + SuperFlux + 3d Printed Boxes (can fit upto 20S battery!) + 3d printed bumpers or XR bumpers + 3d printed footpads or XR footpads + Stompies = GT Killer!

 3D files, List of parts needed, and support will be provided with the Thunder rails purchase.




    Colors are limited and might not be restocked.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 40 reviews
    Can't beat the price

    These rails are great for heat dissipation and creating a more locked in feel with the angles. My largest gripe is with the limited color selection. I ordered the bare metal anodized aluminum and went through the process of properly painting the rails myself. Not something I would want to have to do again, but at least I can have my desired color. The shipping to California took a little under 2 weeks so that was surprisingly fast. I just dropped to the lowered position and have wiped out a significant number of times. I believe its largely due to the learning curve with applying more gradual acceleration on the lowered rails. I cut my TFL fender deletes to allow for the center portion of the rails to be unhindered when changing heights. So far so good.

    Anderson master
    They Responded

    So the guys responded to my email and shipped my rails out pretty much the same day. They said they were out of silver gray rails so I took a shot and asked for the hot rod reds. And I think that’s what they shipped out to me. Much thanks for the response back and that’s all I needed to know is that there was a shortage on the silver gray rails or any issues for the delay. I feel at ease because they responded to my email.

    Anderson master
    Still waiting

    Still waiting for my steel gray rails . More like still waiting for a response or email. If these don’t show up soon or I don’t receive a response. I’m calling my bank to get my money back no matter what or where these rails are. Not ordering from these guys ever again. I’ll give them another month for them to respond or I’m just getting my money back.

    Sorry Anderson, let me check on this. We had a shortage of Gray rails last few weeks.

    Anderson Master
    Still waiting for my rails

    Still waiting like the other reviewer said. I haven’t had any updates on my order. I ordered June 29, 2023. I emailed and still no response. Right now they have my money and I have no rails or I from my shipping nor product.

    Dustin Dearmore

    make some for the GT PLEASEEEE 😎😎