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Stompies - Footpad sensor for your Funwheel

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Only Stompies will ship immediately. 

Our new complete footpad with latching connector/ plug will ship in April.

What's a Stompie?

We've tried dozens of foot sensors for the Funwheel. Small, big, soft, stiff, you name it. Unreliable sensors can cause a nose-dive when you least expect it, and we don't like broken bones. That's why, we designed the Stompies.

The stompies are a tried and tested product by the Funwheel community, and are the best Foot sensors in terms of quality, functionality, robustness and price.

We made them cover as much area of the footpad as possible and put in tons of copper so they are super responsive. We have made them easy to connect to your vesc and integrated it seamlessly in the design of our 3d printed footplates. 

We guarantee that everytime you stomp on your Funwheel, it will turn on, and reliably carry you where you need to go!

The Stompies only kit includes: 

A super thin flexible pcb footpad sensor (stompies).

3pin jst ph 2.0 connector to connect to your vesc/ controller. 

A sheet of velostat (watch the tutorial video for installation instructions).

No other parts are required for the Footpads.

You require to purchase only one stompie for your Funwheel. 

Watch the video here to learn how to install and connect your stompies.

 The Stopies with Footpads, include a complete set of Stompies, our Unique Injection Molded Footpad, and our proprietary 4mm thick griptape!


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Has worked for 1yr + now on my first Funwheel

Sensor works well footpads with a subtle concave, but with the separate Velostat is a bit more difficult to install than other pre-made sensors that have become available in the US recently.

Also I wouldn't recommend this sensor (or any of them) on a soft kush-like footpad or heavily concaved footpads, unless you mount them below the footpad somehow.

3d printed foot plate is not XR compatible

5 stars for the footpad
1 star for the STL file: requires that you have a small foot and are not using an XR/flowglider controller box

Need to release an XR compatible STL file.