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SuperFlux Female connector

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Do not purchase this if you have purchased a complete Fungineers Controller Box. The box will include all connectors including this Superflux female connector.

Shipping on 15 Feb from US and CN warehouse. 


This is a female connector for the Superflux. 

3 x 4mm bullet connectors (male) that plug into most VESCs.

1 x 6 pin JST GH 1.25mm connector that plugs into most VESCs (if you have a Lil Focer please contact the vendor for options for an adapter).

Rated to > 500V and >100A cont. current. 

Features the biggest pins in the industry to support high current. 


If you bought the Superflux, it comes with an awesome 9 pin male connector, to ensure ease of building a Funwheel, and to make it easy to swap out tires. 
You will need to purchase this corresponding 9 pin Female connector that will go on the box. 

The connector outer diameter is ~20mm, so it will fit most boxes that used an M20 or PG13.5 cable gland in the past including the Fungineers easy access box and the new Fungineers Metal box. It should also support the new Floatboxx (however it is best to discuss this with Rob from Floatboxx as most probably future orders will come with the Female connector installed on the Floatboxx too.

Price & Shipping

This connector is not a means of profit for us, that is why, we will provide it to all our friends at a very low price and cover shipping to almost all countries worldwide. We will also ensure it is always in stock, so you do not have to wait. 

Connectors will be ready on 10 Dec, and are targeted to ship around 15-20 Dec. 


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