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X10 Rails

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X10 Rails are back in stock and shipping next day! Please note shipping will take 10-12 days to reach to you. 

Are your rails holding you back?

You need what the professionals use: X10ded rails.


What are the X10 rails:

The X10 rails are made in collaboration with the best riders in the world, namely, Hannes, aka Vescman, and Nico Aleman. 

Big Tire:

These rails are extended to fit big tires (up to 12") and give you that extra edge on trails and tricky ride situations.


10 Degrees 

7 degree front angle for aggressive trails, and 3 degree rear angle makes these rails an absolute blast to ride. With a VESC-ed controller the angles can be configured to your favorite foot positions. 7 degree front/ 3 degree back, 3 degree front/ 7 degree back, 5 degree/ 5 degree, endless possibilities...


More Mounting options:

The X10 rails have two mounting positions to lower and raise the height as conditions demand. 


Sick design

Just like the Thunder rails, we didn't hold back on the design, one of the sickest looking rails in the market, which will surely turn heads with their design and performance.



These rails fit the original Funwheel boxes (XR, Flowglider, etc. boxes as well). 


X10 Rails are shipping now!! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Andrew Roberts
Best I rails have owned so far

Don't know if its the 11.5 X 7 Burris. But all I can say I am extremely satisfied 😌

Markus Nelson
Perfect Trail footprint -

I love these rails so much! It has been a long journey to find a footprint that works for me. For a few weeks, I have been riding these rails high - Burris 11.5. There is no ride quite like it. I have ordered another set for my brother so he can experience trail riding without the bucking and jarring of our GTs. Paired with the Superflux I have taken my trail riding to a completely new level. Very happy to have these guys working on new ecosystems. I am excited about what they will do next. When leveled correctly you feel like you are no longer fighting the board and throwing $$$ into mods just to get a stock board to feel right. - Thanx - New Boxes and Controllers look great!

Wessley Uptagrafft
Beautiful Big Tire Rails

TLDR - A solid rail option for running a big tire VEXR (VESC-XR).

I was lucky enough to get to try out a set of these pretty early on. It takes a little getting used to the different angles, but I started feeling really comfortable on them after about 30 miles and getting my IMU pitch configured how I like it.

The rails are designed and machined well. They are definitely ideal for VEXR with a big tire... I doubt I would like these rails on any other setup. There is actually a 3rd micro adjustment height where you can split the two other heights by using the diagonal holes (see pictures).

Nico Aleman
Rails like nothing else on the market

Honestly, just the ability to run the larger Burris 11.5x7 tire makes these worth it on their own, but the unique geometry offers a ride no other rails provide that really caters to aggressive riding. The steeper nose angle provides a firm platform to brace against and push into, keeping you stable in chunk, secure in hard acceleration, and comfortable in downhill riding. It almost emulates the feel of foot holds like Lifters or Control Freaks, but with the ability to bail out just fine.

Additionally, lowering the nose gets you matching angles (5°/5°), but with the tail raised up vertically a bit, giving you extra tail clearance and a comfortable forward position. And the heights are solid, the low setting feels amazing in street and the higher setting is still plenty stable, just with added clearance to handle more aggressive trail riding.

And of course, the rails are just beautiful, the geometry compliments the aspect of being able to dial in the angle you want, and the details really make them stand out. Definitely recommend these for anyone looking to join the Big Tire Gang 🤙

Best Rails in the market!

Fungineer boys continue to amaze us with products that no one is willing to risk and bring to the market. Kudos for staying ahead and giving the riders what they want!! THE ONLY COMPANY THAT LISTENS TO ITS CUSTOMERS AND DELIVERS.