Fungineers Battery Setup Guide

Thank you for purchasing the Fungineers Complete Battery Pack.

This is a guide to help you get all setup and ready to ride. 

Step 1: Prime the Controller

If you have purchased the complete controller box from us, simply follow this video and connect the Battery to the controller, and the battery to the charge port: 


 If you have your own box/ VESC, you can make the same connections accordingly. 


Step 2: Connect the Rear LED (optional).

Our Battery pack comes with a WS2815 Rear LED strip. You can plug that into the Thor300 VESC by connecting the JST GH (Red Black White and Green) wire into the Rear LED port as shown below: 



If your VESC does not support LEDs, you can leave the small JST GH wires be. 

The other JST GH (Red Black Yellow Green) connector coming from the battery pack is a 'spare' for future use if required. 


Step 3: Charge and Connect to BMS:

Now that the connections are made, please connect your Fungineers charger, and connect to the BMS via bluetooth following the instructions below: 

Download the Bluetooth app from here:



Enable Bluetooth and location on your phone, and open the app.

Tap the Bluetooth icon, and search for your module's name (in case module is not discoverable, connect the charger and restart the app).

Tap on the Bluetooth module name, and you should see the main page of the app populate with individual cell voltages and charge status. 

You should see your battery pack charging, and your individual cell status.

The BMS auto turns off after 1 hour of charging (can be woken up by Bluetooth), and goes to deep sleep after 12 hours, to conserve battery, and can be woken up by charging again. 

That's it!

Charge your battery up and enjoy the ride!

Keep Fungineering.

Team Fungineers.