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Thor300 VESC-based Controller

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If you are not an experienced builder, it is advisable to purchase the complete controller box starting at $599 here 

If you want to buy a Thor for GT to VESC conversion, check our GT conversion section here.


Your Purchase Includes: 

1x Thor300 VESC based controller

1x Momentary On/Off push switch with the correct JST-GH connector that connects to the VESC. 

1x set of screws, bolts and standoffs to mount the Thor to lid.


About the Thor300:

We are proud to announce that the Funwheel now has a dedicated VESC based controller, the  Thor-300.

The main reason we wanted our own VESC, is to provide the community a dedicated VESC-wheel controller that meets all community expectations that we have been longing for for years:

- Built for up to 20S/84V Li-ion battery voltage. 

- Powerful FETs that have been tested to 300 amps (with aluminium heatsink cooling). DP tested to 350A. Unheard of in a small package like the Thor.

- Aluminum base power PCB for superior cooling; eliminates the need for Thermal pads- PCB can be directly mounted to an Aluminum lid or Box.

- A compact double PCB design to save space in your box and allow for a split pack.

- Built in VESC Express that acts as a built-in Bluetooth module, so you don't need an external Bluetooth module to connect to VESC Tool, Float Control, Floaty, Etc. The VESC Express also has built-in WIFI, and can run various CAN devices and has memory for lisp. Truly Futureproof. 

- Sturdy design: can be mounted inverted on the lid or in the Fungineers box.

- Built in 4 pin JST GH ports for 3 LEDs (Status, Front, and Back), driven by a 12V DC-DC converter capable of 5A.

- Built in Beeper for alerts and warnings.

- Momentary switch support to prevent battery death, and to enable auto shutoff and lifetime miles tracking. Momentary switch is provided with the Vesc!

- Dedicated 3 pin footpad connector with built-in Pull down resistors. This is provided with the Fungineers Footpad female connector or you can DIY with a JST GH 3 pin male connector.

- 6 pin JST GH 1.25mm comm connector for CAN and UART.

As experienced VESC-wheel veterans can confirm, the above features are truly ground-breaking. 


Thor300 Reviews:

Dado shows the Thor300 is "un-overheat-able".


 Technical Data:

Thor300 Pinout Diagram


Important Notes:


Lid is not included; please order separately if you are using 3D printed boxes from our files.

VESC is an open-source platform owned by Benjamin Vedder. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good but its complicated

General Thoughts: WOW! This thing packs a serious punch! I have it paired with a SF Mk2 HT and a 18s P45b Battery and its insanely powerful, I drew 8900 watts one time. My current motor settings are 220, -220, and 270 and the vesc still stays very cool (under 35c). I do have it in a full metal box I designed, but this is the coolest vesc I've seen in terms of temperature, more so than my old ubox, and some lfoc boards I have ridden.

The Good:
-Super High Current Capabilities, my currents are at 75 battery amps, 220,-220, and 270 abs motor amps and this wheel doesnt stop turning
-PCB Footprint is so small and compact, its fits great in my box and I am sure will fit others great too
-The vesc temps stayed below 35 C in my uphill testing, that 2mm thick aluminum pcb puts in the work!
-The price is great, compared to an LFOC, this is much more user-friendly to install, its more powerful, and its slightly smaller, and has a built in 12v buck. This is in my opinion an LFOC KILLER, something that has been needed for a long time.
-The button it comes with seems pretty nice, I like the white color, and the button feels nice when pressing. Not having a latching switch is pretty nice.
-Apparently vesc express will be nice for developing canbus accessories so thatll be cool in the future, maybe they can add a canbus bluetooth signal boost accessory, or some light control that can drive multiple strands of three wire leds.

The Bad:
-The connection signal is kinda bad in the full metal box, Ive got some things I am gonna try to improve it, but yea, my old ubox bluetooth worked fantastic in a full metal box, so I am gonna see if i can use the UBOX bluetooth on the THOR (Other people with metal lids and plastic boxes or metal boxes with plastic lids havent had any apparent issues, so the majority of users should be fine)
-The lights... Uh well, I still dont understand why the THOR uses 5v, the brights addressables that everyone uses are 5v (sk6812). Also, its not very obviously stated that the leds have the be chained to together in series. From the multiple Douts on the Thor one would assume multiple signals coming out, making it super easy to drive three wire leds like sk6812s. I see its a hardware limitation, but please update the product listing to explain that.
-Switch Behavior... Nobody has been able to confirm to me that I can set the button to toggle the vesc on or off, right now they have it setup to where pressing the button turns on or reboots the vesc if already on, then relies on auto shutdown to turn off. I really would like to see true toggle behavior (Press ON, press OFF) if its not already supported. Comes in handy for turning off when putting in my car, Ive seen onewheels left on in peoples trunks before and leave burnouts :O

Overall, very worth the money, the cons I listed are mostly quality of life, and wont affect the insane muscle of the vesc at all. Im pretty dang happy, quite an insane upgrade from a ubox 100v. ITISaTurbo ITisABEAST

Michael Marlatt
Best controller on the market!!

After installing the Thor300, I rode my board as hard as I could, pushing it through every test. This thing is incredible! It crushes the steepest hills and doesn't get hot at all. The aluminum PCB mounted to an aluminum lid peovides such instant cooling, you would have thought it was a liquid cooled system. A lot of people that build VESCs worry about overheating, but that concern is a thing of the past with the Thor300. I also love how small the controller is. Anyone who's built a VESC board will definitely appreciate the size. I also love the built-in buzzer, Bluetooth and 3 LED ports. This controller has it all and will be my go to for all builds in the future.

How did they do it???

I have at least 3 hills in riding distance from my home where I can overheat any controller, especially with a SuperFlux! But the Thor300 is insane, it just doesn't want to get hot, not even warm!!!